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All Rooms

Dust Sills, Ledges & Wall Hangings

Dust Furniture

Remove Cobwebs

Clean Light Switches

Clean TV Screens

Vacuum Carpeting

Sweep & Mop floors

Empty Wastebaskets

Dust Ceiling Fans

Dust Light Fixtures

Dust Mini-Blinds

Dust Baseboards

Dust Knick Knacks

Vacuum cloth or microfiber couches

Exterior of china/curio cabinets only


Clean & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers

Clean Sinks & Counters

Damp wipe cabinet fronts

Dust light fixture

Clean tissue and towel holders/racks

Clean Mirrors & Polish Chrome

Sweep & Mop Floors


Clean & Sanitize Sinks

Polish Chrome

Wipe Down Countertops

Clean Exterior of Appliances

Shine Stainless Steel Appliances

Clean Inside Microwave

Dust Light Fixtures

Sweep & Mop Floors

Spot Clean Cabinet Doors

Initial/Deep Cleaning (additional fee applies)

Our initial/deep cleans (recommended for all new clients) includes all of the above plus:

Washing of all cabinet fronts

Washing of all baseboards

Washing of all wood doors/trim

Removal of heavy soap scum, mold, calcium/lime build-up

Cleaning of all light fixtures

Washing/scrubbing stuck on food from kitchen and/or dining room table/s and chairs

Extra Services

Inside of stove- $45

Inside of refrigerator- $35

Interior windows- $5 per window Tilt-in windows- $8 per window

Interior and exterior (weather permitting) of glass doors/door walls- $15 (includes tracks)

Washing of baseboards- TBD

Hand washing of blinds- $15 per blind

Inside of empty cabinets- $35-$50

Change bedding- $10 per bed. Additional $5 for duvet covers.

Organization/Straightening- $50 per hour

Services We Do Not Offer

Move or Lift Anything Over 20 LBS

Step Higher Than 2 Steps On A Ladder

Cleaning of bodily fluids, toys, pet waste or other bio-hazards

Cleaning of pet cages//tanks/bowls/dishes

Exterior Windows

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